Welcome to Lifesaving4Life!

We are a first aid training company that provides informative and engaging group training onsite that convenient to your team’s schedule!

Learning Life Skills…For Life!

Here are Lifesaving4Life we take pride in providing our students with a welcoming and empowering learning environment so everyone leaves equipped with essential lifesaving skills that they won’t forget!

On-Site Workplace Training tailored to YOUR workplace!

No cookie-cutter classes here! We offer personalized classes to best prepare your employees to manage common workplace injuries in their workplace


We offer courses at competitive rates showing our high accessibility!

Accessibility & Accommodation

We believe all of our students should have the chance to succeed in our classes and we are determined to meet the needs of anyone who needs learning or physical accommodation

Knowledgable Instructors

We strive to have our instructors to be experienced and full of knowledge, so our students receive the best learning experience possible!








Group Training

Workplace training? Want to learn with your friends? Want to register a group of people at a time? No problem! We LOVE groups and would be happy to book a private session for your group!

Engaging & Dynamic Classes

We make learning serious and difficult topics engaging so all of our students leave with confidence in their knowledge and skills!

Flexible Scheduling

We teach around your schedule with our teaching day running from 6 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week!

Hello, I’m Victoria!

I’m the founder and main instructor at Lifesaving4Life! With my many years of experience providing and teaching first aid to individuals from various backgrounds, ages, and abilities, combined with my passion for education and safety, starting a first aid company was natural for me.

Here at Lifesaving4Life we offer first aid training in Vancouver, BC, where our goal is to provide exciting and dynamic first aid classes structured to fit the needs and abilities of our students. It is important to us that our students leave our classes with confidence in their knowledge and skills, and of course with a smile!

To learn more about me, connect with me on LinkedIn

First Aid Training in Vancouver

“The course was A+! There was enough time to practice and understand the material.”

Project Manager, Protec Petroleum

“The time allotted for the class was perfect. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all of my additional questions. And most of all, it was super fun! Victoria is an awesome teacher. Top notch!”

Emergency Services Supervisor, Canstar Restorations

“Victoria was very descriptive and communicative with her students. I would rate her course 10 out of 10!”

Carpenter, Centurion Contracting

“The practice time allotted and material covered was sufficient! Victoria was very good and professional and she was very efficient.”

Respite Care/Support Workers, Teddys Homes

“The class was 100%! Victoria was prepared, professional and very engaged with the class.”

Drywaller, Centurion Contracting

“Everything was excellent!”

Construction Manager Petroleum/CNG Industry, Protec Petroleum

"Victoria, you are very energetic and patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and your presentation for all the material was very clear. At no point did I feel the course was dragging on, you kept it fun and lively!"

Fibre Optic Technician

“Victoria was a great teacher. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!”

Drywaller, Centurion Contracting

“She was very professional and enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable. I loved the number of different examples used for many different scenarios—I found it very helpful!”

Quality Assurance Manager, Canstar Restorations

“Victoria was very knowledgeable!! There was a great vibe to the class, I really enjoyed it.”

Drywall Taper, Centurion Contracting

“The teacher had lots of energy and knew a lot about first aid. She made the class very comfortable during these pandemic times. It was all good!”

Contents Supervisor, Canstar Restorations

“The instructor was very funny and professional.”

Hazmat Technician, Canstar Restorations

"Very professional; presentation thorough; good classroom participation and dynamics; well versed and knowledgeable regarding course material; and great interaction with participants. Well done!"

Fibre Optic Technician

“Victoria’s class was great! It was done to my satisfaction. Excellent!”

Drywaller, Centurion Contracting

“She was great! Very enthusiastic, fun and engaging!”

Director of Human Relations, Canstar Restorations

“Victoria was very professional and incredibly understanding with her students”

Carpenter/Joiner, Centurion Contracting

“Victoria was very informative and knowledgeable on the material presented. I believe we were given sufficient time to discuss each topic. Thank you for your instruction!”

Emergency Services Dispatcher, Canstar Restorations

“Victoria had great time management and provided lots of practice opportunities to test out the knowledge she taught us. She was very energetic and kept the course moving nicely!”

Project Manager, Canstar Restorations

“The class was super informative and well paced. Overall, it was superb!”

Drywaller, Centurion Contracting

“My favourite part of the course was Victoria!! She made the material fun and interesting. The last first aid course I did was extremely boring, but definitely not this time around!”

Electronic Services Supervisor, Canstar Restorations

“I have taken first aid many times in my life, but I have to say my favourite part of the course was Victoria. Her energy and storytelling were incredibly engaging.”

Electronics Technician, Canstar Restorations

"Victoria made the class fun and interesting, and did a great job at keeping everyone engaged. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to get certified!"

Fibre Optic Technician

“The class was great, and the instructor was clear with her words. Overall, she was great!”

Respite Care/Support Worker, Teddys Homes

“The whole course was good – the instructor was very kind. Definitely want her back as my recert instructor!”

Warehouse Supervisor, Canstar Restorations

“10/10! The class was great and very informative.”

Driver, Centurion Contracting

“Victoria was excellent!! The course was very hands-on, which made it easy to learn the material.”

Respite Care/Support Worker, Teddys Homes

"Your First Aid course was amazing! We learned so many things from your 8 hours course that we did not know about it before, which is very helpful in everybody’s daily life. You were very energetic, passionate and active girl! We loved you during the course."


“I thought Victoria was very good at engaging with the class – very knowledgeable. She made the class go by fast, interacted naturally with the students, and her timing was very good.”

Restoration Technician, Canstar Restorations

“My favourite part of the course was the instructor’s energy and attention to detail. The course was 10/10!”

Site Supervisor, Canstar Restorations

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